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English Language Development Programs

Structured English Immersion (SEI) with ELD support
A classroom setting where English learners who have not yet acquired reasonable fluency in English, as defined by the school district, receive instruction through an English language acquisition process, in which nearly all classroom instruction is in English but with a curriculum and presentation designed for children who are learning the language.   (
English Language Development (ELD)
Integrated ELD is provided to ELs throughout the school day and across all subjects by all teachers of ELs. The CA ELD Standards are used in tandem with the CCSS for ELA/Literacy and other content standards to ensure students strengthen their abilities to use English as they simultaneously learn content through English.
Designated ELD is provided by skilled teachers during a protected time during the regular school day. Teachers use the CA ELD Standards as the focal standards in ways that build into and from content instruction to develop the critical language ELs need for content learning in English. (2014 CA ELA/ELD Framework, Chapter 1, page 31)

Newcomer Support
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