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Administrative/Staff Directory

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support the delivery of quality instruction to all CUSD students.  We believe all students learn best when...
  • their classroom environments are conducive to learning and reflect a culture of community, collaboration, and high expectations for all;
  • they actively engage in a coherent curriculum that reflects rigorous content, and emphasizes critical thinking, application, and innovation;
  • there are clearly communicated goals and objectives;
  • they receive instruction that is focused, purposeful, and appropriately paced;
  • they receive differentiated support for their learning; and
  • they build responsibility for their own learning through an ongoing partnership with their teachers.
Our Goals

Our Goals

Teaching and Learning
Engage students in meaningful, challenging, and innovative educational experiences to increase post-secondary options for all students.


Dr. Gregory Merwin, Associate Superintendent,
Education and Support Services
(949) 234-9275
Dr. Cary Johnson, Assistant Superintendent,
Curriculum and Instruction, Education and Support Services
(949) 234-9339
Peggy BaerstExecutive Director,
PK-5, General Education and Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction
(949) 234-9249
Dr. Meg ErvaisExecutive Director,
6-12 ATP, General Education and Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction
(949) 234-9260
Cuco Gracian, Executive Director,
Cultural Proficiency, Equity, Access, and Social Emotional Learning
(949) 234-9520
Mike BeekmanExecutive Director,
Safety, and Student Services
(949) 234-9267
Pati RomoExecutive Director,
College and Career Readiness
(949) 234-9476
Staci Yogi, Executive Director,
State & Federal Programs
(949) 234-9244
Dr. Lauren Pattullo, Director II,
Early Childhood Programs and Services, General Education and Special Education 
(949) 234-9310
Dr. Rowena Mak, Director II,
Language Acquisition
Heidi CrowleyAdministrator on Special Assignment,
COVID, Health and Safety, Student Wellness
(949) 234-9220
Patrice Dempsey, Coordinator,
Credit Recovery
(949) 234-9349
Karen GauthierCoordinator I,
K-12 STEM Coordinator
(949) 234-9420