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A Facilities Assessments Tool Kit has been provided as a guide to gain a better understanding of our Facility Condition Assessments.

Condition Assessments

We have provided a Facilities Districtwide Executive Summary Report and individual School Site Facility Condition Assessments to give our stakeholders an overview of the District's Facility Needs.
On June 15, 2017, the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) authorized Kitchell to conduct a series of Facilities Condition Assessments for 57 schools to obtain complete building and property deficiency evaluations, propose corrective and maintenance recommendations and prepare budget estimates for the corrective work for each campus. The findings, which were prepared independently of the District by engineers and architects, will be used as a basis for developing a strategy to implement necessary repairs, alterations, and improvements over the next five years.
These reports provide invaluable information to our community and our staff on the current state of our facilities, and they will provide the foundation for our community and staff to build a Facilities Master Plan. A Facilities Master Plan will incorporate the existing building and infrastructure needs (documented in the Facilities Condition Assessment Reports found below) along with plans to transform infrastructure and provide innovation in the classroom and throughout a campus.
The Facilities Condition Assessment reports found below outline the current costs of repairing existing classroom and school campus infrastructure. They do not incorporate any new buildings or construction and any upgrades that would be part of a Facilities Master Plan.
Our goal was to identify existing needs in all of our classrooms for all of our students at all of the school sites and to understand our current classroom and school campus needs and priorities. These reports will allow our staff to prioritize their work and appropriately allocate our limited deferred maintenance budget as we continue to explore opportunities to provide 21st Century classroom and school campus upgrades in the future.
Our next step will be to continue our work engaging with our families, residents and community stakeholders to identify opportunities and solutions to financing and investing in our classrooms and school campuses.
We sincerely appreciate your partnership and collaboration in this critical work for the over 47,000 young people serve.