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Volunteers in Capistrano Unified School District are an integral part of the classroom program, and the District encourages individuals to work in the classroom on a regular basis. Efforts may also extend to clerical assistance and support for extra-curricular programs and field trips. There are specific requirements for student-contact volunteers. Please check our Volunteer Handbook below for more information. Please contact school sites for volunteer opportunities.


Tier 1 Volunteers must be cleared through the Department of Justice/FBI.
Providers of Live Scan Services in Orange County can be found on the Internet at:
A prospective Tier I volunteer should contact their school site two weeks after being fingerprinted to verify that their fingerprints have cleared. Once cleared, you may report to the school to volunteer.
Types of Volunteers

Types of Volunteers

There are two types of volunteers, Tier I and Tier II. Volunteer Handbook
Tier I volunteers may have unsupervised contact with students and can include coaches, field trip drivers, and tutors. Tier I volunteers undergo a more rigorous process before being approved. For more information on becoming a Tier I volunteer, please click the links below.
Tier II volunteers cannot have unsupervised contact with students. In order to become a Tier II volunteer, please read the Volunteer handbook below and contact your local school. Tier II volunteers are checked against the state's sex offender registry.
If you are unsure which type of volunteer you would be considered, please check with the office manager at your school site.
Please click on the links below for information on becoming a volunteer in the Capistrano Unified School District.