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Capistrano Unified School District sponsors a complete health and welfare benefits program for benefit eligible employees.
*Benefit eligible employees are offered the choices of:
Classified, Classified/Certificated Management and Teamsters are automatically enrolled in a long-term disability plan.  Certificated employees can purchase long-term disability from The Standard through CUEA. 
The amount an employee contributes toward health and welfare benefits is determined by the FTE, the coverage chosen, and the number of dependents placed on the coverage.
* Benefit eligibility is defined as working 20 hours or more per week or 50% or more of the full-time equivalent (FTE).
Other Benefit Information

Other Benefit Information

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  • Employees can enroll in any combination of benefits desired: Medical, dental and/or vision
  • Any dependents (spouse or children) covered must be enrolled in the same benefits as the employee
    • Example 1: Employee has medical, dental and vision, then dependents will all have medical, dental and vision
    • Example 2: Employee has vision only, dependents can have vision only
  • Dependent children can be covered up to age 26
  • Employees have 30 days from the hire date/promotion date to enroll in benefits
  • For new hires: Benefits begin the 1st of the month following the end of the 30 day enrollment period
    • Example: New employee starts on 04/03/23 and has until 05/03/23 to enroll in benefits that begin on 06/01/23
  • For existing employees: Benefits begin the 1st of the month following the promotion/new position start date
    • Example: Existing employee starts new position/hours increase on 04/03/23 and has until 05/03/23 to enroll in benefits that begin on 05/01/23