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Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?

How Do I Know if My Child is Ready? 

How Do I Know if My Child is Ready? 

We often get asked this question by parents and families. We believe that the decision to enroll your child into school is personal choice, and often our families know when their child is "ready." For some children, the transition into school is an easy one, and for those children they usually part from the parent/caregiver with ease. For some children, the transition into school can be difficult, and those kiddos may separate less easily from the parent/caregiver. No matter which scenario your child may fit into, rest assured we will support your child (and you!) in the process! 
Preschool Program Enrollment Requirements

Preschool Program Enrollment Requirements

Smiling preschool kids laying on the floorThere are certain requirements in order for your child to attend our preschool program, as outlined by our California Department of Education and/or Community Care Licensing:
Age:  To enter preschool, all children must be three (3) years old by December 1st of the current school year.
(*Children can start attending class on or after their 3rd birthday).
Children must be toilet trained (*Accommodations can be made for children who have a medical condition or disability that impacts toileting training).
We define toilet trained as children who can enter into the bathroom and take care of their personal needs independently. Staff can assist students with buttons, snaps, and zippers as needed. 
Physical Examination Required
A physical examination and an evaluation by a health care provider, including age appropriate immunizations, is required for each child in the preschool program.
Immunizations against diphtheria, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, tetanus, mumps, measles, and rubella are required for admittance into the preschool program. Your child should have the following doses:
  • DPT 4 Doses
  • POLIO 3 Doses
  • MMR 1 Dose (After 1st Birthday)
  • Hib 1 Dose (After 1st Birthday)
  • HepB 3 Doses
  • VARICELLA 1 Dose
School Readiness Toolkits for Families

School Readiness Toolkits for Families

This toolkit is a resource guide for parents, caregivers, and families to support children’s readiness to learn.