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Live Scan

California law authorizes certain governmental and private organizations to conduct criminal record background checks to help determine the suitability of a person applying for a license, employment or as a volunteer working with children, the elderly or disabled.  Law enforcement agencies, public and private schools, non-profit organizations and in-home supportive care agencies are some of the agencies authorized to conduct fingerprint background checks.
In order to submit applicant fingerprints via Live Scan, you must have an Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) code to identify your agency.
Consultants/Independent Contractors may obtain an ORI number by completing the process to become an applicant agency through the Department of Justice.  Information is available at the Department of Justice website:   All Live Scan offices require an ORI number to obtain FBI Background Checks and DOJ clearances.  Any person who is to be fingerprinted must be able to provide the Request for Live Scan Form, ORI number, their name, valid California identification such as a driver's license (out-of-state ID requires a Social Security Card), and payment in the form of a money order, cashier's check, Visa or Mastercard.
Any questions can be referred to the Department of Justice, 916-227-9508.