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Tuberculin Test

A TB test is not required of everyone. The qualification letter you received from the Purchasing Department will indicate if a TB test is neccessary.

The TB test can be done by your family physician.  A self-read test is NOT acceptable;
licensed medical personnel must sign that the test was negative. 
If the test should be positive, a chest x-ray will be required.
NOTE:  A Mantoux, PPD or TST Test must be administered. 
Other types of skin tests are not acceptable.
TB tests must be current within 5 years.
In lieu of submitting TB test results, a letter is acceptable certifying that your company requires it as a condition of employment, that each employee is tested for TB every 5 years using either a Mantoux, PPD or TST test.

That the test was administered by a licensed physician and that the results were negative.
TB tests are available at the following agencies for a reasonable charge:
Saddleback College Health Services
28000 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo  
(949) 582-4606

Laguna Beach Community Clinic          
362 3rd Street
Laguna Beach
(949) 494-0761
The District does not reimburse for the TB tests or chest x-ray's.