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Field Trips, Conferences, and Workshops

An approved Request To Attend is needed for every field trip and conference/workshop.

Field Trips: Scan into Dynafile copies of reservation forms, invoices, field trip confirmations. Please note on the PR Notes tab if a deposit or payment is needed before the field trip date.
Conference Registration Forms:  Please include approved Request to Attend and registration forms for each person attending a conference.  Please note on the PR Notes tab if a conference registration form is not available.
Sign, date and forward a copy of the Purchase Order to the Purchasing Department. Make any changes if needed, (i.e., number of attendees, date change, etc).
DID NOT ATTEND: Please make a note on the Purchase Order copy that the Attendee(s) did not attend the conference, field trip, etc. Sign and date the copy and return to Purchasing.
NOTE: Retain copies of the Purchase Order for your records.