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Processing Purchase Requisitions


1.Create purchase requisition in BusinessPlus
  • If you cannot locate a vendor within BusinessPlus, please contact Barbara Umana, Assistant Buyer. A W9 and Vendor Information Form may be required.
  • Make sure you include ISBN, item, product, part numbers, and contact information.
  • Remember to include computer type (MAC or WIN) on software requisitions.
  • Always make note of whether or not unit prices and totals include discounts.
  • Do not transmit copies of PRs to vendors to expedite orders. This causes duplicate shipments and additional expense.
  • Should there be an extreme situation where it becomes necessary for site personnel to make a purchase independently from the normal procedure, please indicate on the requisition that the order has already been placed and if the merchandise has been received. This will prevent the order from being placed a second time and a return having to be made. Several vendors charge a 15% restocking fee plus shipping costs.
2.Scan all backup documentation into Dynafile
  • Quotes, requests to attend, order forms, catalog pages, etc.
3.Submit PR's for contracts at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Frequently several contract PR's arrive in Purchasing the week of the deadline and it isn't always possible to process all of them. Each contract requires 2-3 hours to process. On several occasions this has caused delays in services and payment.
4.Contact the TIS Warehouse for delivery status of computers and related items that are to be shipped to the TIS Warehouse.
  • Purchasing will not know the delivery status.
5.Request for Proposals
Expenditures for services with high dollar amounts ($50K +), or  multi-year agreement may require a request for proposal.
Any large expenditure or contract should be evaluated by the Purchasing Department.
Contact Lynh N. Rust in the Purchasing Department for assistance in determining if an RFP or other formal contract process is required.



  • View a flowchart that outlines the procedures for purchasing requisitions/orders.


CUSD is not tax exempt. The State will collect the tax even if the vendor does not.
Please make sure you are selecting the appropriate tax rates on your PRs.
If using an open PR or have a line item that is not taxable, use the tax code