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Most companies will not accept returns after 30 days.

The sites may contact the vendors directly to arrange for the return or replacement of incorrect orders. Be sure to advise accounts payable of what you are doing.

Send the materials and a copy of the PO to the District Warehouse.

Be sure to include the account code to be used for shipping cost.
Returned merchandise information will be maintained by the Warehouse for two years.

Send the material in the original packaging, if possible, along with a completed Return Merchandise Authorization Form (RMA) which can be found on the Warehouse web page along with a copy of the PO/PR. Note on the PO/PR the reason for the return and any other information the vendor will need to know. Please be as specific as possible as to why the product is being returned.

District policy prohibits the return of materials under $50.00 when the vendor is not at fault.
Items being returned for warranty/repair should include a return address label with instructions that the item be returned directly to your site.