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District Advisory Committee

School Capacity Analysis

School Capacity Analysis

Purpose for District Advisory Committee
On December 16, 2020, the Board approved revisions to Board Policy 7100, Determining Needs, to develop criteria for annual reviews of school capacity. At the October 19, 2022, Board meeting, the Board approved the establishment of a District Advisory Committee (DAC). Based on the California Department of Education Best Practices, a DAC will study school capacity data, gather facts, and bring a recommendation for future school capacity.

A DAC will review challenges and needs specifically surrounding school facilities and capacity. Based on the California Department of Education Best Practices, the makeup of the DAC will include members of the community and District staff. This committee will be independent of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent.
Committee Members

Committee Members

Philippa Townsend Assistant Superintendent, Fiscal Services - CUSD
John Forney Chief Facilities Officer - CUSD
Amy Strange Facilities and Construction Specialist - CUSD
Katie Andersen Committee Member
Emily Cravens Committee Member
John Harms Committee Member
Paul Jansen Committee Member
Crystal Kochendorfer Committee Member
Adam Rinderle Committee Member
Linda Shepard Committee Member
Role of Committee Members

Role of Committee Members

Evaluate enrollment projections and their impact on surplus space.
Inventory the capacity and conditions of existing facilities.
Consider uniqueness of the educational program at  each site.
Evaluate specific schools identified for further analysis.
Evaluate projected cost-savings.
Consider options for students.
Recommend transition/implementation strategies.
Make specific recommendations about specific school sites to the Board.