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Leaves of Absence and Article 15 RWP


Are you going to be taking FMLA or an Unpaid Leave of Absence?

Visit the Human Resource Services department page to learn more about leaves of absence and access application forms. Our department will be notified when you apply and if you are approved or denied. We will reach out to you via US mail regarding your insurance options. 
Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act
What happens to your Insurance?
  • While on FMLA Insurance premiums will continue by Payroll deduction, unless your paycheck is insufficient to cover the amount of the deduction
  • If this is the case, then you must pay CUSD directly any insurance premiums due at your current employee contribution rate
  • You will typically be sent payment coupons to use for this purpose
  • If you DO NOT accept FMLA insurance, your coverage will terminate at the end of the month your leave starts
  • Each month duirng your work year calendar, the district makes a monetary contribution to your health benefit plan. Should you voluntarily choose not to return from your Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) or your California Family Rights Act Leave (CFRA) you may be subject to reimbursement of these costs.
    • Circumstances in which reimbursement may be requested include:
      • A failure to return to work from an entitled leave of absence after the leave has expired
      • A failure to return to work from an entitled leave of absence with reason other than the continuation, recurrence, or onset of a serious health condition that entitles you to additional FMLA/CFRA leave, or other circumstances beyond your control
  •  You have 30 days from your return to work to re-enrolling any terminated benefits health benefits
  • Also remember, if your leave is due to the birth or placement of a child from adoption, you have 30 days for the date of birth or adoption to add the child to your health benefits
Unpaid Leave of Absence
What happens to your Insurance?
  • Your insurance will terminate the 1st of the month following your last day in a paid status (i.e. your last day in a paid status is 03/17/2023, your insurance terminates 04/01/2023; or, your last day in a paid status is 02/29/2023, your insurance ends 03/01/2023)
  • You have the option to purchase insurance while on leave at the full District cost
  • Premiums are due on your regular payroll dates (Certificated last day of the month, Classified on the 10th of each month)
  • If you DO NOT accept unpaid leave of absence insurance, you will have 30 days from your return to work to re-enroll in any terminated health benefits  

Article 15 - Reduced Workload Program

  • If you are a Certificated employee that will be participating in the Article 15 RWP, please review the presentation that Human Resources has on their department resources webpage
  • If you are working a part-time contract throughout the whole school year, then health deductions will continue to be taken on each paycheck at the 100% contracted rates
  • If you are working full-time for the first 92.5 days, direct payment at the 100% contracted rates to our department will be required since you are not receiving a paycheck. 
    • The department will contact participants in December for February - July payment.