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Proactive Intervention

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
Proactive Intervention

MTSS identifies struggling students early and provides the appropriate proactive support for only as long as needed.

What is MTSS?
A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is an evolving framework that proactively supports the needs of ALL students in the areas of Teaching and Learning, Student Well-Being and Positive Behavior. The goal is to ensure the success of every student by working in partnership with the school, family and community.
Team Collaboration
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) identify what students need, promote collaboration, among staff, and enables teachers, administrators and staff to better support students. MTSS keeps families informed and involved through programs, services and activities.
Customized classroom instruction is based on student need and mastery of classroom instruction. A few examples of assessments include test scores, classroom observation, suspension rates, attendance and language proficiency.
What are the tiered levels of support?
There are three levels, or tiers of instruction and support based on student need. Students can move to different tiers throughout the year and be in different tiers in different areas.
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Tier I

Includes the instruction and support provided to all children, including Great First Instruction and school-wide behavior programs that meet their academic and behavioral needs. Instruction consists of scientific, research-based programs and frameworks to align to state standards and best practices proven to be effective for all students.

Tier II

In addition to Tier I, Tier II serves students needing more help. Students receive extra instruction and support, often provided in small groups. Student progress continues to be monitored by the MTSS Team.

Tier III

In addition to Tiers I and II, Tier III interventions are for children who need intense support in order to succeed. Extra instruction and support are provided that is more focused, intensive and longer, often in even smaller groups or one-on-one, with specialists and with increased frequency.
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Infographic & Fact Sheet
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Professional Learning Communities Triangle