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Administrative/Staff Directory

Dr. Gregory Merwin, Associate Superintendent
Education and Support Services (949) 234-9275
Clint Collins, Assistant Superintendent
SELPA, Special Education Services (949) 234-9304
Peggy Baerst, Executive Director
PK-5, General Education and Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction (949) 234-9249
Meg Ervais, Executive Director
6-12, ATP, General Education and Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction (949) 234-9426
Dr. Kathy Purcell, Executive Director
Alternative Dispute Resolution/Compliance (949) 234-9292
Dr. Lauren Pattullo, Director II
Early Childhood Programs and Services, General Education and Special Education (949) 234-9310
Danielle Clark, Director II
Related Services (949) 234-9302
Nicholas Giunta, Director I 
Special Education Technology Support Services (949) 234-9288
Nenoska Frink, Coordinator II,
General and Special Education Infant/Preschool (949) 234-9287
Claudia Ginsberg-Brown, Coordinator
Medi-Cal/Home Instruction/Staffing (949) 234-9301
Heather Pizzo, Coordinator
Mental Health (949) 234-9285
Teresa Breithaupt, Janelle Stever, Program Specialist
Private Schools (949) 234-9277
Coordinators, Loren Thurston
Melissa Powell, Coordinator II, Special Education Staffing and Training