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Credit Recovery

The Credit Recovery Program: An Overview:

The Credit Recovery program offers an opportunity for students that are in need of remediation to continue to be four-year university eligible or to remediate credits necessary for high school graduation.  The opportunity also exists for students to enroll in Health and A-G Geometry for acceleration. The program provides many options at each of the high schools so students can take advantage of meetings directly on their home campus.  Convenient times are offered so that students can attend before school, after school or during the bell schedule. Laboratory classes are also available with lab meetings typically held on multiple Saturdays during the semester. Summer sessions are also provided. 

The following options are available: 
An Academic Intervention class is offered on every high school campus during the regular bell schedule for students that are typically 10 or more credits deficient for high school graduation.  Students are able to work during a scheduled class period of the regular bell schedule to remediate any necessary coursework.  Additionally, students that remediate at least two courses per semester also earn elective credit in the Academic Intervention class. Students in this class meet for an entire semester as the school bell schedule requires.  
AM/PM sessions are offered to all students who are in need of remediation to get back on track to a four-year college eligible program, are in need of fewer than 10 credits of remediated work or want to take Health for original credit. Students attend during a before-school session or an after-school session.  Students complete the majority of the work on their own time and come to class on their home campus to take exams and/or seek assistance from a teacher.  Highly qualified teachers are available in all subject areas to assist students and all work is graded by a teacher in the student’s subject area.  Students in these classes typically spend nine weeks to complete a non A-G class such as Health, and thirteen weeks to complete an A-G course. 
Summer School session is available to all students who may want to remediate an A-G course to continue on in the course sequence or to remain four-year college eligible.  Students can also remediate courses needed to meet high school graduation requirements. Geometry and Health are also offered for acceleration. Flexible testing options are provided during the summer session.
Late Graduates that were credit deficient at the time of graduation, but would still like to earn a CUSD diploma attend the summer Late Grad session.  Dedicated teachers work with students to earn their CUSD diploma. This program typically runs concurrently with the summer session so that students have access to highly qualified teachers as needed.   The Late Graduate session culminates in a graduation celebration of all students from every high school in one ceremony.