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What Do I Do if My Child is Sick?

What Do I Do if My Child is Sick?

Please report any incident of COVID-19 symptoms, close contact exposure, or positive testing results to your school. If you are notified that you are required to quarantine due to COVID-19, please work with your school site office staff to obtain an Independent Study Contract for the length of quarantine. Your child’s absences during quarantine will be excused and they will receive work from their teacher(s) via Canvas.

Back to School COVID-19 Safety Plan

Student Enrollment

Parents who are new to the area, reside within District attendance boundaries, and are enrolling a student for the first time in Capistrano Unified may enroll their child at the school serving their neighborhood online or in person.

Online Instruction Available for K-12 Students

Are you interested in having your child learn online during the 2022-2023 school year? 
For more information about the online options offered by Capistrano Unified:
To register for Capo Virtual or Cal Prep:
  • Use this link for Capistrano Virtual K-8 School
  • Use this link for Cal Prep Academy (9th-12th grades) 

College and Career Advantage Course Information

College and Career Advantage (CCA) is a joint partnership of CUSD and Laguna Beach USD, formed to provide high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) to K-12 grade students throughout South Orange County.
  • Instruction will include project work and hands-on based learning. Students will meet the required competencies outlined in the Career Training Plan for each course and the California CTE Model Curriculum Standards.
  • CCA teachers are industry experts and will utilize innovative approaches to provide job shadowing opportunities, guest speakers (meet-a-pro), virtual field trips, and skills training using an online platform when necessary.
  • As guidelines allow, students will have an opportunity to return to high-quality labs using industry-specific equipment and supplies to strengthen job-related skills.
  • Many CTE courses are honors-weighted and 100% of CCA courses meet UC A-G requirements. Approximately 40 courses are articulated with local community colleges allowing students to earn both college and high school credit.
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