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Student Success Team (SST)

What is the Student Success Team?
The Student Success Team (SST) is an organized process to meet the individual needs of all students. The purpose of the SST process is to intervene early with evidence-based strategies and interventions in order to support students successfully in academics and behavior. The SST is a general education function that emphasizes data-based decision making and collaboration to support students, teachers and families. The district goal is to engage all students in meaningful, challenging and innovative experiences. The SST process supports this goal by providing each student with an equitable opportunity for success.
What will happen during the initial Student Success Team meeting?
The multidisciplinary team made up of school personnel involved in your child’s education will:
  1. Discuss strengths and obtain your input.
  2. Clearly define the area of greatest concern regarding your child.
  3. Revise or create a new Family School Partnership Plan and Intervention Plan to include newly, revised goal(s) specifically related to the areas needing more focus and instruction. **ES & MS level only
  4.  Set up a system to collect data and monitor your child’s progress.
  5. Schedule a follow-up meeting to review your child’s progress.
Dependent on your student’s grade level, the following flowcharts of support may be helpful:
With any additional questions or concerns, please contact your child's school site.