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Website Resources

Other Career Resources:
*Thanks to Karen Thompson at San Marcos High School Workability
Math Resources:
Language Arts/English Resources:
This website is from the International Reading Association. There are many classroom resources, such as lesson plans, interactives, printouts, and calendar activities. They have many helpful graphic organizers to print out for students to use during pre-writing activities. There are interactive graphic organizers that can be used on the computer to create an essay outline step by step with the prompts. You can search for the type of interactive you are looking for or browse all, most popular, or featured. You can also refine your search by grade level, type, capability, learning objective, and theme. There are also assessment tools under printouts. I think all of the classroom resources can be used, for grades K-12, to help students with special needs achieve in language arts.
Science Resources:
U.S. HistoryPPPST American History
World History
This website offers lesson plans, activities, and power points