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IEP Development

What is an I.E.P.?
An I.E.P. is an Individualized Education Program specially designed to meet your child’s Special Education needs. It will include present level of educational performances, annual goals and objectives, and indicate what services and/or special programs are needed to achieve the goals. An I.E.P. is reviewed at least annually and can be changed or modified at the request of any member of the I.E.P. Team.
After the testing and data gathering have been completed, the assessment process culminates in the I.E.P. team meeting. All of the team members meet to present evaluation findings and to make recommendations regarding special education services. The child’s strengths and weaknesses are identified and educational goals are established. If it is determined that services are needed, the appropriate educational placement and services are specified. 
Participating in the development of your child’s I.E.P. should be viewed as the first step of your involvement in your child’s education program. To keep in touch with your child’s educational progress, you should maintain regular contact with your child’s teacher and other professionals involved in his or her program.
Student Progress Reports and Annual I.E.P. Review
Once a child is receiving special education services, progress reports for students in special education are provided during the school year on the same frequency as the school provides progress reports for general education students. It is required that the I.E.P. Team reviews the I.E.P. at least once a year. In addition to the annual review, you may request a review at any time to consider changes in the I.E.P. At the I.E.P. Team meeting, your child’s goals and progress, program placement, and designated instruction and services are examined and evaluated. Changes are made as appropriate and a new I.E.P. is developed for the following year. If it is determined that your child is no longer in need of special education services or instruction, a transition program may be designed to assist with the program change depending on the student’s needs.
Triennial Review
Every three years, the IEP will conduct a reassessment of your child in order to determine whether your child continues to have a disability. The review will also provide information about the student’s present level of performance and educational needs. Based on this review the IEP Team will be able to make a determination whether your child continues to need special education and related services.