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Dr. Christopher Brown was appointed to serve as the Superintendent of Capistrano Unified School District by a unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees. He officially began his tenure as the ninth Superintendent of CUSD on July 1.
Prior to his arrival to CUSD, Superintendent Brown served as the Assistant Superintendent for Research, Assessment, and School Improvement in the Long Beach Unified School District, California’s fourth-largest school district with 70,000 students. The department manages the student information and data systems, coordinates the district, state and college readiness testing, manages local and state accountability measures, conducts research and evaluation studies and processes requests to conduct research within the district.
With a career in education spanning over 20 years, Superintendent Brown has performed a variety of roles including high school director, principal, middle school assistant principal, coordinator, dean, athletic coach, and science teacher. His principalship was at the highly acclaimed California Academy of Math and Science, a multidistrict supported magnet school on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills.
Superintendent Brown earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Irvine, before completing his Master’s degree at California State University, Long Beach. His doctoral degree in educational leadership from the University of Southern California focused on preparation for a role as Superintendent.
Dr. Brown plans to build upon CUSD’s reputation of high-level learning and student success. As he embarks on his first school year in 2023-24, he will spend time in schools, meeting with teachers, staff and administrators, and establishing meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. He will work with the District team to identify new strategies and supports to provide valuable opportunities to students.

Dr. Christopher Brown

Image of CUSD Superintendent Dr. Christopher Brown



Dr. Christopher Brown 2023 - Present
Ms. Kirsten M. Vital Brulte 2014 - 2023
Dr. Joseph M. Farley 2010 - 2014
Mr. Woodrow Carter 2007 - 2009
Dr. Dennis Smith 2007 - 2007
Dr. James A. Fleming 1991 - 2006
Dr. Jerome R. Thornsley 1975 - 1991
Mr. Truman Benedict 1969 -1975
Dr. Charles F. Kenny 1965 - 1969