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Health Benefits FAQ's

Health Benefits:
Q: I am a new employee.  When do I have to return the Health Benefits enrollment paperwork?
A: 30 days from the date of hire.
Q: I am a new employee.  When will my Health Benefits become effective?
A: The first day of the month following the completion of a 30-day waiting period.
Q: Do I have to enroll in medical, dental, and vision?
A: No, you can enroll in any combination of the medical, dental and/or vision benefits.  Please be aware that whatever you as the employee are enrolled in, all dependents must be enrolled in the same.  Example: If you are enrolled in medical only, your dependents will be medical only as well; or, if you are enrolled in medical, dental and vision, your dependents will be in medical, dental and vision (they could not just have dental and/or vision and no medical when the employee has all three). 
Q: What qualifies a child as a dependent?
A: Natural children, legally adopted, legal guardianship or stepchildren.
Q: Who does not qualify as an eligible dependent?
A: Ex-spouse/partner, former stepchildren, parents, nieces/nephews, siblings, aunts/uncles and grandparents.
Q: What is a qualifying event that would allow me to add or drop coverage for a child or spouse outside of Open Enrollment?
A: Marriage, filing a domestic partnership, having a baby, divorce, loss of other coverage, eligibility for coverage for employee or dependents under spouse’s coverage.
Q: What is the time frame I have to add or delete a dependent (child/spouse)?
A: Within 30 days from the date of birth, marriage, divorce or eligibility for/loss of other coverage.
Q: When does coverage begin or end when adding or deleting a dependent (child/spouse)?
A: First of the month following the event date.
Q: What is required to add/delete a dependent (child/spouse)?
A:  Health Benefits Enrollment/Change Form (for form, GO HERE), and, for adding dependents, the acceptable documentation for spouse and/or children; for removing dependents, the divorce decree or proof of other coverage.
Q: At what age do my dependent children drop off my coverage?
A: Last day of coverage is the end of the month that the child turns 26 (i.e. child's birthday is 3/14, then the last day of coverage is 3/31).  For a legal guardianship, the dependent drops off at age 18.
Q: Do my dependent children need to be financially dependent on me for support, claimed as dependents on my tax return, residents of my household, enrolled as students, or unmarried?
A: No.
Q: Is it my responsibility to notify the Insurance Department when a dependent (child/spouse) becomes eligible or ineligible?
A: Yes, with the exception of when a child turns 26 as the dependent will be automatically removed form your plan. 
Q: Will I be responsible for the District portion of insurance premiums paid if ineligible dependents have not been deleted from my plan?
A: Yes.
Q: How do I change my address/name with the Insurance carriers?
A: Change forms are required. Change forms are available at: Insurance Web\subsites\Insurance\Formssite - Forms
Q: If I do not make changes within the appropriate time frame, when will the next opportunity be?
A: During Open Enrollment.
Q: When is Open Enrollment?
A: Usually occurs the end of October/ beginning of November with the changes taking effect January 1.
Q: Where can I see what health benefit plans I am enrolled in?
A: From any computer you can visit MyCUSD to view your plan selections and dependents.
Q: How do I check my paystub to make sure the correct deductions are being taken?
A: Visit the Payroll website, go here and follow instructions for viewing your paystubs. 
Q: I don't have a VSP insurance card, how can I use services?
A: VSP is a paperless service.  To find a provider please call them at 800-877-7195 or visit the website HERE
Q: I don't have a Delta Dental PPO insurance card, how can I use services?
A: Delta PPO is a paperless service.  To find a provider please call them at 800-765-6003 or visit the website HERE 
Q: I'm trying to pick up a prescription with United Health Care and it says I'm not covered, what do I do?
A: United HealthCare uses Express Scripts for prescription coverage.  If you do not have an Express Scripts ID card please call them at 800-918-8011 to order one or go to the Express Scripts website HERE
Q: If I lose District- sponsored Health Benefits will I be offered any type of coverage?
A: You will be offered continuation coverage for your current health plans through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) at the full premium cost, plus a 2% administrative fee.
Q: Where would I find the COBRA rates and information?
A: Go HERE for COBRA information. 
Q: At what age may I retiree from the District?
A: CUEA: 55 years old
    CSEA: 50 years old; however, the Retiree will pay the full cost of coverage until reaching age 53.
Q: How many consecutive years of service with the District do I need to be eligible for retiree medical benefits?
A: 10.
Q: What % does the District pay for Medical retiree benefits?
A: Based on 10 – 20+ years of service, the % is 50% - 100%. Please go to the Retiree page for more information. 
Q: I am thinking of retiring.  If I complete the school year when do my Health Benefits with the District end?
A: September 30.
Q: Is there an option to keep dental coverage?
A: Yes, with the full cost being the responsibility of the Retiree.
Q: Is there an option for Vision?
A: Not through the Retiree plan.  However, vision coverage can be temporarily continued through COBRA for up to 18 months or until the participant turns 65, whichever comes first. 
Q: Until what age may I keep my Retiree Medical Benefits with the District?
A: 65.   
Q: Is there option to keep Dependents on my Retiree coverage?
A: Yes, the Retiree pays the full cost of coverage.
Workers' Compensation
Q: If I get hurt on the job what do I need to do?
A: Report the injury immediately to your immediate supervisor. Go HERE for more information.