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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure connection between your computer and the District's internal network giving you the ability to remotely access internal network resources as if you were at a District site. 

CUSD offers two types of VPN - Client VPN and Web VPN. Most internal network resources can be accessed by way of the Web VPN. Some resources, including File Servers, can only be accessed with client VPN. Additionally, the client VPN will provide enhanced functionality for Aeries NET.

This guide provides details on how CUSD Staff can use the District’s client VPN and web VPN to remotely access internal network resources.
Client VPN - FortiClient

Client VPN - FortiClient

For File Server access and enhanced functionality in Aeries, staff can use FortiClient VPN to access File Server (G, S and U Drives)



Most District resources can be accessed remotely or on a personal device by way of the Web VPN. District resources available through the Web VPN include the following:
        • Aeries
        • File Servers
        • Business Plus/Shoreline
        • MyCUSD
        • RADAR
        • Remote Desktop (Limited Functionality)