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General GATE Questions

Q: What is the meaning of the term GATE?
 A: GATE is an acronym that stands for Gifted and Talented Education.

Q: Does my child need to be identified as a GATE student in order to qualify for high school accelerated, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB) classes?
 A: No. Students enrolled in high school accelerated, AP and/or IB classes have met the Capistrano Unified School District's criteria for placement in those classes. High school accelerated, AP and/or IB classes consist of a combination of both GATE and non-GATE students. For specific criteria for accelerated, AP and/or IB classes, please contact your child's academic advisor at his/her high school.

 Q: What educational training is available to the GATE teachers in the district?
 A: Throughout the school year professional learning is offered to all K-12 teachers. Teachers in the district, as well as outside educational consultants and speakers, may offer classes for teachers to learn about and reflect on effective instructional practices.  Teachers are encouraged to attend local, state, and national conferences on gifted education and other current educational topics.

 Q: As a parent of a gifted learner, how can I be more involved?
 A: Volunteer at your child's school site or be available to work in the classroom if needed. Check the CUSD GATE website to read information regarding gifted education. Attend local, state, and/or national conferences on gifted education.

Q: If I have further questions regarding GATE, whom should I contact?
 A: For specific questions regarding your school's GATE program, please contact your school's principal or GATE Coordinator.