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Visual and Performing Arts

It is the mission of the Capistrano Unified School District Visual and Performing Arts Department to enrich the artistic capabilities and awareness of post secondary options for its students and to prepare them to become lasting, educated stewards of the arts.
The CUSD Visual and Performing Arts Department is a department dedicated to artistic excellence. The department focuses first on artistic skill development and artistic knowledge. The first objective of the CUSD Visual and Performing Arts staff is to help each student develop his or her artistic potential to the utmost.
The Visual and Performing Arts provide an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation of the arts and encourage the skills and discipline necessary for achieving success throughout a lifetime of experiences.  Arts programs form a vital and important part of the school environment.
Arts disciplines include dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. The State of California defines a balanced, comprehensive arts program as one in which the arts are studied as discrete disciplines related to each other and, when appropriate, to other subject areas in the curriculum. Students in a given subject area are expected to master the content of an arts discipline as outlined in the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards and the Visual and Performing Arts Framework. See links to these documents in the next column. The standards for each of these disciplines are broken down by grade level and are grouped by strands as follows:
  • ARTISTIC PERCEPTION: Processing, analyzing and responding to sensory information through language and skills unique to the discipline.
  • CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Creation, performance and participation in the discipline.
  • HISTORICAL and CULTURAL CONTEXT: Understanding historical contributions and cultural dimensions of the discipline.
  • AESTHETIC VALUING: Responding to, analyzing, and making judgments about works of art.
  • CONNECTIONS, RELATIONSHIPS, and APPLICATIONS: Connecting and applying what is learned in the discipline to other art forms and subject areas and to careers.
VAPA Framework

VAPA Framework

vapa framework
VAPA Standards

VAPA Standards

vapa standards
CUSD Arts & Music Festival

CUSD Arts & Music Festival