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Before & After-School Child Care

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YMCA School-Age Child Care is available to parents of all children enrolled in Capistrano Unified School District, at an elementary school campus, ages 4.9 to 12 years old (kindergarten through 6th grade). Any transportation associated with the program is the responsibility of the parent. 
Program Goals:
  • Provide an environment of safety, support, and care.
  • Develop the inner-strength of young people.
  • Focus on increasing self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.
  • Develop interpersonal skills.
  • Focus on learning to be an effective member of a group.
  • Improve the ability of parents and children to communicate with and understand each other.
  • Compliment the child’s school program.

The children participate in a balanced program of open play and structured activities while being supervised by well-trained and caring staff. Children have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of learning centers in addition to a well-balanced curriculum. YMCA School-Age Child Care ensures children are given a unique mix of activities that focus on developmental assets, the building blocks that teach children how to make positive and intelligent decisions throughout life.

For information to register for the YMCA Child Care program at your elementary school, please visit the YMCA website at or contact your local YMCA branch. For a listing of agencies please refer to the Contact Us page of this website.