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Trustee Compensation

Trustee compensation is governed by Board Policy 9250, Remuneration, Reimbursement, and Other Benefits, and in accordance with the law.  Education Code 35120 section 3 states the following: (3) In a school district in which the average daily attendance for the prior school year was 60,000 or less, but more than 25,000, each member of the city Board of Education or the governing board of the school district who attends all meetings held may receive as compensation for the member’s services a sum not to exceed seven hundred fifty dollars ($750) in any month.
Capistrano Unified School District falls within this range for average daily attendance.
In addition, Trustees may be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred as part of their work to complete official District business and Trustees may purchase the same health and welfare benefits program as provided to all District employees.
The Board members of Capistrano Unified School District view this elected position, as one of service to the students and families, and they do this work in the spirit of volunteerism.
General Questions of Inquiries?

General Questions of Inquiries?

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Please contact the CUSD main office at (949) 234-9200 or send email to: