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Supported Equipment

All equipment requires support.  Whether it is configuration, setup, security, repair, training, or maintenance; just because it is a device does not mean that TIS is able to support these functions. 
To maximize our efforts, TIS has found it necessary to denote equipment that is supported to help us work effectively and efficiently.
It is the responsibility of all CUSD employees to ensure that devices are supported before they are expected to work on our network. 
  • If a device is obtained that is not supported, it will not function on our network like a device that is supported. 
  • If a device is supported, please know that configuration of the device will still require time.  Please be patient.


CUSD Hardware Purchasing Site with Quotes and Suggestions

Donated Hardware and Eqiupment:

Please view the Donation Policy for information regarding devices donated to the District.


Please visit our Grants Page for help with what types of things to request in a grant and procedures to make sure equipment, software, and hardware are supported by the District and Technical Services.