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The mission of the Capistrano Unified School District Student Chromebook program is to ensure that CUSD students have regular access to the digital tools and resources that allow them to be successful 21st-century learners. To reach this goal, the District has provided students and sites with digital devices that can expand their learning opportunities during a regular classroom session. 
We believe that utilizing Chromebooks in class will deepen the connection between the quality instruction our teachers deliver and the ability to connect with other resources that exist in our children’s digital worlds. This connection will allow students to become creators, inventors, innovators, risk-takers, and problem solvers at a level not previously attainable without the use of technology.

Chromebook Protection Plan image
CUSD is pleased to offer optional annual device coverage to our families participating in the student chromebook program. Please click on one of the links below to learn more.
The plan will be available for purchase the morning of 7/31/2023. Coverage will run from the time of purchase through 8/19/2024.
Purchase protection plan for $25 per child.
Chromebook Protection Plan Details
How to sign-up for Chromebook Protection Plan

Education Benefit form

Interested in FREE Chromebook Protection Plan?  Participants in the following programs are provided device coverage at no cost.
  • Foster Youth
  • McKinney-Vento (Homeless Assistance Act)
  • Migrant Education
  • Free and Reduced Lunch


Overview of the Program

  • The District will provide one Chromebook device for every student in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten students will also be provided with a touchscreen Chromebooks at a 1 to 3 student ratio.
  • Students will be responsible for bringing their fully charged Chromebook to school and home, like a textbook, each day.
  • Students are expected to use the device for educational purposes only.
  • If a student forgets their Chromebook at home, they will be given a loaner for the day.
  • Students will be responsible for the proper care and use of their Chromebook.
  • Families have the option of purchasing the Chromebook Protection Plan for their child(ren)'s Chromebook(s).

Chromebook Responsibilities

All students will be expected to return their CUSD provided Chromebook when requested by the District.  If a Chromebook and/or accessories are not returned, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the full replacment cost of the device.
Remind your students to...
  • ...keep their Chromebook closed as they carry it around class.
  • ...use their technology in class only when and as directed by the teacher.
  • ...close all tabs from previous class activity.
  • only those sites and/or documents that have been specified by the teacher.
  • ...avoid distracting activities such as:
    • Taking selfies with the Chromebook.
    • Doing work for other classes, unless approved.
    • Playing games that are not part of the class activity.
    • Doing web searches that are not related to the class activity.
  • ...practice proper care of their Chromebook.
Chromebook Care & Responsibility

General Care
  • Do not have any food or drinks near your Chromebook.
  • Cords and cables must be inserted and removed carefully.
  • Chromebooks do not like to be held by the screen. Carrying your Chromebook this way may crack the screen or break the  device.
  • Don’t place or drop heavy objects (like a full backpack) on top of your Chromebook.
  • Report damage, loss, or theft immediately.

Screen Care
  • Chromebook screens can be easy to damage without proper care. They are particularly sensitive to excessive pressure on the screen.
  • Do not lean on or put pressure on top of the Chromebook when it is closed.
  • Do not store the Chromebook with the screen in the open position.
  • Do not poke the screen with anything sharp or anything that will mark the surface like a pen or marker.
  • Do not place anything on the keyboard (like a pen, pencil or marker) before closing the lid.

Power Adapter Care
  • Do not use a damaged, cut, or frayed power adapter. Damaged adapters should be reported for immediate replacement.
  • Do not attempt to repair a damaged power adapter.
  • Do not carry your Chromebook around with the power adapter plugged in.
  • When not in use, wrap your power adapter up and store it carefully.
  • Be sure to plug your Chromebook in each night so that it is fully charged in the morning. Your Chromebook should hold a charge for 6-8 hours.

Keeping Your Chromebook Clean
  • Never use any product containing alcohol, ammonia, bleach, or other strong solvent to clean your Chromebook.
  • Do not spray your Chromebook with any Windex, household cleaner, or water.
  • To clean your Chromebook use a lightly dampened soft cloth and gentle pressure.
Tips and Tricks to Extend the Life of Your Device
  • Carry your Chromebook with a two handed "football hold" to avoid accidental damage.
  • Perform quick, but regular inspections of your Chromebook and report any damage.
  • Log into your Chromebook using your CUSD-issued credentials. You will not use personal Gmail usernames and passwords.
  • If you are away from your desk, make sure your Chromebook is used in a safe location. This could include another flat sturdy surface or in your lap. Chromebooks should never be used or left on the floor.
  • Do not tamper with the asset tags and/or other labels placed by CUSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What happens when a Chromebook is broken by a student?
  • When a Chromebook is broken, students should first try to troubleshoot the problem within their classroom. If they are unable to troubleshoot the problem, the students should complete the Chromebook Not Working Form and take it to the library or front office. They will be provided with a replacement Chromebook.
  • School administrators will evaluate and assess the damage of the Chromebook. 
  • School administrators will notify the parent/guardian if the repair requires any fees be assessd to the student involving any costs not covered under normal wear and tear or covered by the protection plan. 
  • After contacting the parent/guardian, the school staff will indicate in Aeries whether the student is responsible for any repair fees. Once the fees are paid, the fee balance will be removed from the student's account in Aeries.
What if a student forgets a Chromebook?
  • Students should be able to use an on-site loaner device for the day. Ideally, this need will decrease over time. We recommend sites and teachers create a ‘bring your device daily’ rule, treating the Chromebook in much the same way as a textbook.
Can students put stickers on or customize Chromebooks?
  • No - Student's should not expect to receive the same Chromebook following a repair. As such, please avoid placing stickers on and/or marking the device in any permanent way.
How does the District protect these devices?
  • The District uses a cloud based filter to filter internet content for students. Please remember that no filter is perfect and students should be monitored while on the Chromebook. Students are also monitored while using the device online. Any inappropriate messages, videos or images will be flagged and administration will be notified. Students should also follow the agreed upon acceptable use policy and digital citizenship best practices.
  • Because the devices are properly checked out, they can be disabled if reported stolen, rendering the device useless.

Chromebook Self-Help Tips




Explore potential solutions for basic Chromebook issues. These can be used by students, teachers, and parents.  No previous technical training required.