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About Technical Services

Technical Services is a support organization within the District to provide full-service technology support to all school sites and District facilities. Technical Services provides comprehensive support coverage for all aspects of technology including local and wide area networks, desktops, printers, software applications, user support, and training.
Technical Services is divided into 2 sections:

RADAR Ticket:

To facilitate faster service, please fully complete a Web RADAR Ticket and, if possible, connect to the network via a hardwired connection before contacting the RADAR staff. It is best if you utilize a wired connection that you know works, such as a wired system in your classroom, library, or lab.
radar logo
Call RADAR for all your technology support needs or find us on the web at myCUSD (staff only) to create a RADAR request.


Please refer to the Organizational Chart for a current listing of TIS staff and positions.