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Forms (Equipment/Surplus)

  • A RADAR ticket is required for Chromebook repairs - myCUSD (login required)
  • Surplus Equipment - See below

Surplus Technology Collection Request Instructions:


Step One:

School site staff will collect and inventory all surplus technology equipment that they wish to have removed from their site.  A minimum of 10 pieces is required.  The equipment that can be included on this list is:  CUSD owned computers, printers, monitors, projectors, cameras, VCRs, DVD Players, and similar electronic equipment—if it isn’t listed here, ask me first, just in case.  Equipment will be collected in a single location by school site staff.  The inventory will be recorded on the Surplus Technology Equipment (STE) Form, which is attached.

Step Two:

The STE form will be filled out electronically and emailed to me.  Once this form has been sent to me no further equipment should be added to the stack, as that is what is used to update the District inventory databases.

Step Three:

Once I have completed the database work, I will work with the vendor to schedule a pick-up.  School sites are not allowed to schedule pick-ups directly with the vendor for CUSD equipment.

Step Four:

The vendor will pick up the equipment from the school site.  They are required to check in with the front office at each site and likely will need someone to show them the surplus equipment location.
Cindy Hamilton
Lead Warehouse Worker (TIS)