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Device Support

If your CUSD laptop or portable device needs repairs, you can bring it into RADAR for faster service. We will try to diagnose issues within 24 hours and get back to you. Please fill out the Computer Laptop-Portable Device Repair Drop Off Form prior to bringing your laptop into RADAR. You are responsible for your documents, so please back up your computer files often. If TIS works on your system, it is your responsibility to have a copy of your files....just in case. This is a great use of your Home Drive (H:)
For support with software, computer use support, printer installation, etc. please visit the

RADAR Ticket:

To facilitate faster service, please fully complete a Web RADAR Ticket and, if possible, connect to the network via a hardwired connection before contacting the RADAR staff. It is best if you utilize a wired connection that you know works, such as a wired system in your classroom, library, or lab.


Cell phones are amazing devices.  There are many brands, operating systems, providers, carriers, data plans, launchers, apps, and customizations.  Further, each person has a unique way of working with their cell phone that creates unpredictable support situations.  To support each cell phone and create documentation for each individual cell phone type, configuration and customization is not a feasible task.  Therefore, the District cannot choose to support any specific type of phone.  We can only provide configuration settings for employee email to function on cell phones and provide guidance on best practice cell phone use in CUSD.  For support beyond what CUSD offers, please consult your cell phone provider.


The District recommends that minimal work information be stored on your phone.  To get email on your phone requires setting up your email app as described in the cell phone configuration settings.  Beyond this there are some main points we would like to address:
  • Contacts:
    • Contacts associated with work, that are vital to your ability to function at work should be added through the outlook app on your district computer.
    • This includes phone numbers, names, business card information, email, etc.
    • Contacts entered through the phone should be seen as insecure and not recoverable by the district
  • Calendar Events:
    • Events that are vital to your ability to function in your position should be added to your calendar through the outlook app on your computer.
    • Events added through your phone may be insecure, not synced to your computer, and not be recoverable.
  • Personal Business:
    • Personal Business should be conducted through a personal email account and not through the district email system.
    • This includes, but is not limited to banking, investments, purchases, personal contact, etc.
  • Public Records:
    • For more information on how information on your phone may be requested through a public records request, please see AR 4.21, Employee Use of Technology (Annual Policy Acceptance in myCUSD)

Forms (Equipment/Surplus)