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Cell Phone Email Configuration Office 365



Bellow are the settings that your smart device will need to setup an email account.  For configuration specifics on your particular device, please contact your provider.

  • Account Type: ActiveSync/Exchange
  • Email Address:
  • Server or Host name:
  • Domain: (Leave Blank)
  • Username:
  • Password: your password
  • Use SSL/Secure connection: On
Microsoft currently recommends the use of Outlook Web App specific to your smart device brand.  


  • Download the Outlook App from the app store
  • Add your account using the NEW Cloud Email Settings above


If you already have district email on your phone and need to change the account for the Office 365 rollover:
  • Change the email settings for your district account.
  • Use the NEW Cloud Email Settings above Android Phone
  • We recommend that users export contacts before proceeding.  
    • Exports may be used to recover any contacts IF lost during the update.
  • Remove current district email account
  • Add NEW district email account using the the NEW Cloud Email Setting
For help on completing any of the steps above, please visit your cell phone provider or search for your device type and operating system specific instructions online. Possible Search Terms:
  • Add an exchange email account to Iphone __
  • Add an exchange email account to android version __
  • Add an exchange email account to Samsung Note __
  • Change setting for an exchange email account to iphone
  • Export contacts on android version __

Sync Outlook personal contacts with Android contact app:

 If you wish to sync your Outlook personal contacts in order to see them in the Android contacts app, follow these instructions:
  • Open the Outlook app
  • Go to settings select the account
  • Enable “Sync contacts”


When an email account is removed from a smart device, any contacts or calendar items that are associated/connected to it will also be removed from the device. This is the built-in functionality of the smart device.


If you choose to remove the old CUSD email account from your device and you wish to retain any contacts and calendar items that are associated/connected to the email account that is being removed, take the appropriate measures.


For assistance with contact transfer or back on smart devices, please contact the smart device provider.


CUSD can only provide configuration settings for your phone and is unable to provide technical support for your device.  For more information on Why, please see the following site: