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Dates to Remember

Dates to Remember

April 2018 - District Office Pilot of Office 365 migration and transition.
August 2018 - District-wide Office 365 implementation
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Email Support



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Use the Document and Training provided here to learn to use Microsoft Outlook on your computer like a Pro.
  • Insert Links
  • Create a Signature Line for your emails
  • Schedule Meetings, etc.


SPAM, Blocked Addresses, and Quarantine



Migrating to Office 365 as easy as 1-2-3.

When you see this Message

You know that you have been moved to Office 365.
Complete the following steps:
  • Restart your district computer
  • Log back in to Outlook
  • Check your email.
How can I check if I have been moved?
Open outlook on your computer, click file.  If the size of your inbox is 50GB, then you have been moved.  If not, then hang tight.
If nothing is changing, then why do I need to read this?  
There are employees who opt to check their email on their phone.  On the left are the cell phone configuration settings for adding district email to your phone (these will only work AFTER your email account has been migrated).  Because the device is not district owned and there are countless cell phone types, versions, and settings, we cannot help with adding the account to your phone, only provide the settings.  For additional help with configuring email on your phone, please consult your service provider or the internet.  RADAR tickets for non-district devices will be closed upon receipt.
Get Ready for Office 365 Email

Get Ready for Office 365 Email

Office 365 Email will be rolling out across the District as part of our cloud initiative. Office 365 email will provide principals, teacher and the entire district with an enhanced email experience. 


This document will be your guide as your email is transitioned to the cloud.  In it you will find pertinent information regarding benefits & features for moving to the cloud, how to access your new Office 365 email mailbox, frequently asked questions and a section on additional resources.
Contents in this website:
Online Webmail App

Online Webmail App

Click Here to Access

Use the online webmail portal to access email in the following cases:
  • Your outlook app is having trouble.
  • Email access from while not on a CUSD campus.
Email Archiver

Email Archiver

Click Here for Instructions

Why would I use an archiver?
Every E-mail sent and received in the district is saved as public record.  Use the email archiver if:
  • You have accidentally deleted an email
  • You would like to keep your inbox small.
Email on my Cell Phone

Email on my Cell Phone

For help on how to get your email on your cell phone.  Every phone is a little different.