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Password Support



Staff Password Change

If you would like to simply reset your password you may do so by clicking HERE. This link will redirect to the Change Password web page.

Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your password you can recover it by clicking HERE. This link will redirect you to a web page where you can initiate the recovery process.

Password recovery will require your account to be registered in the Self-Service Password Recovery (SSPR).

Multi-Factor Authentication

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
MFA is an authentication method used to confirm your identity to allow access to a website or app through at least two pieces of evidence. The two pieces of evidence needed for CUSD staff will be a password and a mobile phone number where a security code can be sent. With MFA incorporating something you know (password) PLUS something you have (mobile phone), the likelihood that your account can be compromised is greatly reduced. This makes YOUR students safer. This makes YOUR District safer. This makes YOU safer.
When will I be required to authenticate using MFA? 
MFA will be required to access the following services while outside the District network or while on a personal device:
  • VPN - Web VPN & FortiClient
  • Office 365
  • Webmail
  • Google
  • Canvas
  • TrueNorth Logic
  • Clever
  • Hoonuit
  • Zoom
  • SchoolDude
  • Caponet
MFA Registration
In order to be registered for MFA your account must be registered in the Self-Service Password Recovery (SSPR) with a mobile phone number. See the SSPR section below for more information.

Self Service Password Recovery (SSPR)

The SSPR allows staff to easily recover a forgotten password. It requires you to first REGISTER your account and associated information (mobile phone number, alternate email address or verification questions). Once registered, you will be able to use SSPR to change a forgotten password or update to a new password. 
New users will be automatically prompted to register in the SSPR when loggin in for the first time. 
Click HERE to for more information about the SSPR.
Click HERE to be redirected to the SSPR where you’ll be able to update your account registration.

New Employee Password Setup

Please click HERE to set your CUSD password for the first time, or cut and paste the
following link into your web-browser and follow the simple directions:
Once you have completed this process, if you’re still unable to set your password
please contact the RADAR helpdesk at (949) 234-5500 for assistance *.
* RADAR can assist with a one-time temporary password. A permanent password will need to be set upon login.

Password Complexity Requirements

The following conditions must be met when setting your password:
Passwords are CASE sensitive.
Previous passwords cannot be reused.
Passwords will expire after 180 days.
Passwords must have a minimum of 14 characters.
Passwords must not contain parts of your first, last, or logon name.
Passwords require 1 character from three of the following categories:   
      • 1 upper case character (A-Z)
      • 1 lower case character (a-z)
      • 1 numeric character (0-9) 
      • 1 special character (@ # $ % ! & etc)
Passwords cannot be reset within one week of being set.
Accounts will be locked out for 15 minutes after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.

Best Practices for Password Management

Don’t use the same password across multiple websites.
Don't write your passwords down, share them with anyone or let anyone see you log into devices or websites.
Log out of websites and devices when you are finished using them.
Here are three simple ways to construct a secure, easy to remember passphrase:
Create a passphrase by taking a short phrase and:
      • Change the capitalization of some of the letters
      • Replace some of the letters with numerical and symbolic substitutions ($ for S, 8 for B)
      • Misspell or abbreviate some words (E.g., the phrase “Dunkin’ Donuts is great for summer” becomes “Dunkisgr84$umm3R”.)
Choose several shorter words and add some numbers in the center, then change the capitalization and substitute symbols for letters. (E.g., the phrase “books 930 Pleasant” becomes “b00K$930PL3^S^n+”.)
Choose a memorable quote or phrase and use only the first letter from each word. Vary the capitalization. Also include numbers and symbols, either as substitutions for letters or as a replacement for a full word. (E.g. Albert Einstein’s quote Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”  becomes “2TrI:tU&h$;&Ins@tU”.)