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RADAR and User Support Services

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If your CUSD laptop or portable device needs repairs, you can bring it into RADAR for faster service. We will try to diagnose issues within 24 hours and get back to you. Please fill out the Computer Laptop-Portable Device Repair Drop Off Form prior to bringing your laptop into RADAR. You are responsible for your documents, so please back up your computer files often. If TIS works on your system, it is your responsibility to have a copy of your files....just in case. This is a great use of your Home Drive (H:)
If you need to have a network printer added to your Dell computer, please remember you can do this yourself. If you have a Dell, please visit the CUSD Printer Installation website to accomplish this task. You can also find this link on myCUSD, just look for a link "Printer Install". Make sure you are using Internet Explorer, not Chrome, to add the printer. If you have an Apple, please contact RADAR staff or submit a Web RADAR Ticket.
To facilitate faster service, please fully complete a Web RADAR Ticket and, if possible, connect to the network via a hardwired connection before contacting the RADAR staff. It is best if you utilize a wired connection that you know works, such as a wired system in your classroom, library, or lab.
Staff can now recover their password from anywhere outside the CUSD network without contacting RADAR. To set up your recovery options go to MyCUSD: Select the Password Recovery Setup option from the All Links list. This is the first step of that process; setting up your security options. You need a recovery e-mail address that is not your CUSD e-mail address and 3 security questions. 
Tom Beales
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Call RADAR for all your technology support needs or find us on the web at myCUSD (staff only) to create a RADAR request.


Please refer to the Organizational Chart for a current listing of TIS staff and positions.