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Native American

The CUSD Native American Education Program is a federally funded program to provide additional support for students of Native American Indian heritage. This program is designed to address the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of Indian Education students so that they can achieve the same challenging state standards expected of all students.


The Native American Indian Education Program brings together the best academic principles of education and student identities rooted in the value of culture, community, and tradition.


The mission of the Native American Indian Education Program is to serve as a national model for the Native American Indian community by providing a student-centered program that emphasizes education, cultural identity and community by:
  • Enhancing student awareness of the traditions of Native Americans, their history, and the dreams for the people in the future.
  • Creating greater interest in earth studies, history, geography, language, math, art, sign language, and literature.
  • Sharing the native culture: rich with tradition and close relationship to the earth and all its inhabitants.
  • Providing teachers a framework of studies that reflect the community, state, region, nation, and the world.


All students who are of Native American Indian descent are eligible to be part of the Native American Education Program. Each student must have on file the federal Title VI Student Eligibility Certification form with the CUSD Native American Education Program. This form establishes the status of the student as a Native American Education Program student eligible to receive supplemental services under the grant.


  • 11 one on one academic tutoring (one hour sessions) through Professional Tutors of America
  • College and/or Career guidance through College Ready
  • SAT/ACT test preparation through CCPrep
  • AP Exam preparation through CCPrep


American Indian Scholarship Fund of Southern California

The American Indian Scholarship Fund of Southern California (AISF) was organized in 1976 to raise funds and provide scholarships for American Indian college students attending trade schools, community colleges, and universities in Southern California. 
Our aim is to provide equal access for American Indian students who demonstrate financial need, outstanding scholarship achievement and exemplary community involvement. 
Brochure Flyer
American Indian Access Scholarship Program
Through general grants from several foundations and corporations, Walking Shield has established the American Indian Access Scholarship Program (AIASP) to carry out its vision of making higher education possible for qualifying American Indian and Alaska Native students.
Selected Access Scholars will not only be given scholarships ranging from $500 to $5,000 per student, they will also have the opportunity to take part in a support program designed to ensure ultimate future success, ideally in service to the students' own tribal community.  Walking Shield's staff will follow each student's progress and provide additional resources and support throughout their educational journey.
For further information, please contact Lynda Estrella,
Walking Shield, Inc.
3100 Airway Ave., Suite 118
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California

The American Indian Chamber of Commerce of California offers student scholarships for American Indian/Native Alaskans in college.