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Online classes at CUSD provide an alternative for students that may have schedule conflicts, desire to free up a spot in their class schedule to enroll in additional electives, or are in need of remediation to continue to be college bound or for students that may be behind in credits for high school graduation.  The online program provides many options at each of the high schools so students can take advantage of meetings directly on their home campus.  Convenient times are offered so students can attend before school, after school, during lunch or tutorial.  Laboratory classes are also available with lab meetings typically held on multiple Saturdays during the semester.  Summer sessions are also provided.  A wide array of classes and electives are offered from language to math, with over sixty courses available for CUSD students at every campus.   The online program serves over 5,000 students each year.  With the advent of online classes in colleges across the country, CUSD students are able to benefit from the flexibility online classes offer as well as the introduction to a style of learning that is more prevalent as they approach their college years.  Students wishing to take advantage of any of the options noted below should contact his/her academic advisor for details.

Following are options that are available:
An Academic Intervention class is offered on every high school campus during the regular bell schedule for students that are typically 10 or more credits behind for high school graduation.  These students are able to work during the school day in the online courses to remediate any necessary coursework.  Additionally, students that remediate at least 2 courses per semester also earn elective credit in the Academic Intervention class.  Each high school offers 1-4 sections based on the student need.  Students in this class meet for an entire semester on a daily basis, or as the school bell schedule requires.  
AM/PM sessions of the online class are offered to all students who are in need of remediation to get back on track to a four-year college eligible program, are in need of fewer than 10 credits of remediated work or want to take *CCP and/or Health for original credit.  Students taking Health and/or *CCP may have impacted schedules, sports activities, or want to open a space in the schedule to take an additional elective course.  Students in these courses can typically attend during a zero period session or in an after-school session.  Students complete the majority of the work on their own time and come to class on their home campus, to take exams and/or seek assistance from a teacher.  Highly qualified teachers are available in all subject areas to assist students and all work is graded by a teacher in the student’s subject area.  Students in these classes typically spend nine weeks to complete a non A-G class such as *CCP or Health, and thirteen weeks to complete an A-G course.  Students typically attend anywhere from 2-4 days per week in the AM/PM Session.
Lunch/Tutorial sessions are typically attended by the same students as described in the AM/PM sessions, but these students may not be available before or after school, or the convenience of meeting on a weekly basis during lunch appeals to many busy students.  These students frequently enroll in *CCP and or Health.  Students have the same accessibility to highly qualified teachers in these sessions as well but typically are independent learners.  Classes taken in the lunch/tutorial sessions are typically completed in 9 weeks and are generally not A-G courses as the time restraints of lunch and tutorial limit the available time for testing and meeting with teachers.
Summer School session is typically a six-week session and is available to all students who may want to remediate an A-G course to continue on in the course sequence or to remain four-year college eligible.  Many students including incoming ninth graders take advantage of enrolling in *CCP and or Health to free up space in the schedule, play a sport during the school year or enroll in an additional elective during the school year. Students attend weekly assigned times for tests for the duration of the six-week session.  Summer provides a great deal of flexibility in that students can also take advantage of open seating in order to accommodate family vacations,  sport camps or other summer activities.  Lab sessions also occur during the summer for students in A-G courses requiring science wet labs.  Math and English teachers are available during the summer for tutoring, and for weekly review sessions prior to testing. 
*CCP is no longer a graduation requirement.
Late Graduates are also served during the summer in the online program.  Students that were credit deficient at the time of the June graduation, but would still like to earn a CUSD diploma attend the summer Late Grad session.  Dedicated subject matter teachers work with students to receive tutoring support and or take exams while working in the online classes in order to receive a CUSD diploma. This program typically runs concurrently with the summer session so that students have access to highly qualified teachers as needed. Students have flexible hours to attend in order to accommodate working students.  The Late Graduate session culminates in a graduation celebration of all students from every high school in one ceremony.